Sunday lunch at Klondike Pizza - Arcade games and Disney Infinity

Sunday lunch at Klondike Pizza - Arcade games and Disney Infinity

Mayra wasn't feeling well on Sunday, so I decided to take the kids out for some lunch. We hadn't been to Klondike Pizza in Arroyo Grande (Yelp Review) since we first moved here.
If you haven't been there, go! The kids love it, it has great pizza and the whole place screams fun. From the peanuts and shells you throw on the floor, to the music
playing and the full arcade, it is a pizza wonderland for kids.

Did I mention the pizza is fantastic?

Eddie and Montana digging in. Half cheese, half sausage and pepperoni. The crust is crisp, and the sauce slightly sweet.

Eddie stuffing his face :)

I had to grab this quick, that's why it has a slight blur.

I love this pic, it looks a bit western and Montana looks like she fits right in. Notice the cowgirl boots.

Eddie blasting his way, of course he had no idea what he was doing.

Montana is getting pretty good at racing games, but she was pretty disappointed the pinball machine was out of order. 

Montana loves racing games.

The have a small patio area.

The entrance is down the steps and in the back of the building right off the parking lot.

We got the kids an Xbox one for Christmas, and Disney Infinity along with it. I think their collection of characters, far exceeds the cost of the console.


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