Do it yourself concrete counters using Z counter forms for our fixer upper

Do it yourself concrete counters using Z counter forms for our fixer upper

One of the first things that needed updating in the house we purchased was the kitchen. The old tile counters definitely had to go. After researching many different counter solutions, including granite, quartz and Corian we found one thing to be true, counters are ridiculously overpriced.

New concrete counters just finished Wanitoo

I convinced Mayra that concrete was the way to go, because we'd save huge over the other options. The cheapest Corian counters we found at Home Depot were $5000+ and Granite was out of the question at over 10k.

The scary part was that I'd never done anything like this project, and my experience with concrete was virtually zero.

Once the decision was made, I did as much research as possible and decided on using Z counter forms from

There are a bunch of articles that show exact instructions, so I won't get into that. What I'll tell you is this, it is alot of work. Don't expect this to be a weekend project,  because it won't be. From the tear down to finish, it took me a whole month. I am sure it could be done sooner, but I know that if I rush things they just don't turn out right. So I took my time, checked, re-checked and re-checked again, and then re-checked again. Even with all the time and care, there were still a few mistakes (ask what they were and I'll try and answer in the comments).

After several months of use I still love the counters, I have noticed some grease stains around the stove but these can be sanded out. 

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat and here is why. It saved us a huge amount of money. For around $2000 I was able to get new counters, a new sink, new faucet and disposal. I couldn't touch that price doing anything different.

Kitchen prior to concrete counters - Wanitoo
The kitchen with the new microwave, floors, blinds, ceiling lights and refrigerator. Before the concrete counters, sink, faucet and chalk painted cabinets.


Tile destruction prior to concrete counters - Wanitoo 
No going back. A small hand held sledge, a dust mask and some sweat made quick work of the old tile counter.

Vigo sink from Home Depot prior to concrete counters - Wanitoo
Durock installed, holes cut, and Vigo sink from Home Depot.

InSinkErator prior to concrete counters - Wanitoo
InSinkErator Evolution Compact, prior to installation.

Z Counter Forms installed prior to concrete counters - Wanitoo
Z Counter Forms installed. Sink covered in styrofoam and faucet knockouts installed. Just prior to the pour.

 Concrete counters - Wanitoo
First section poured and finished.

Tiles from Home Depot for concrete counters - Wanitoo
Tile choices from Home Depot.

QEP Wet Tile Saw from Home Depot
Tile saw. This made the job easy. I got this QEP Wet Saw from Home Depot.

Finished Kitchen Concrete Counters
Right after I finished the tile. The plan is to get the stove that matches the microwave and refrigerator. The model of stove doesn't have a back and once installed will make the tile backdrop look great.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below. If you like this project, please share!

Hope this helps you with your project, or gives you ideas.


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