Afternoon birthday party in the park followed by some of the best BBQ ever

Afternoon birthday party in the park followed by some of the best BBQ ever

We had a great time this past Saturday. The kids got invited to a local B-Day party with a super hero theme.
One more occasion to wear their TMNT gear.

One of the best parties we've been to in awhile. The kids had so much to do. From games, to the make shift cardboard city, it was kid fun overload.

One of the great things about the coast is the number of great parks. You can count on great weather most of the year to host your event.

Eddie posing Super Hero Style.

Me showing Eddie how to shoot silly string.

The Hulk right before the Silly String attack.

After the visit the kids wanted to hang up their Super Hero gear.

After chilling at home after the party, I had a hankering for some BBQ. To Yelp we went and Best Lovin BBQ
in Grove Beach came up.

Ok, don't take my word for it read the Yelp reviews here, but this is quite honestly some of the best BBQ I've ever had.
The meat is seasoned so well that you almost feel bad even dunking it in their numerous BBQ flavors. We opted for their "Hungry Family" meal, which
comes with all you see in the pictures (minus the drinks) and more.

This was one of the few times I've spent money on food lately that I didn't feel ripped off. Service was great, food was fantastic, we will return.

Thanks Best Lovin!!!!!

Soooooooo good! I think I actually offered to give the cook a hug after the first bite.

There was so much food, we even had a full lunch today from the leftovers.

Mayra getting her grub on.

The place is clean, and we arrived right before the rush.

The next photo is out of order, basically because it didn't fit with the post. In all honestly, the photo doesn't do the Cinnamon Rolls justice.
Early in the morning I ran to Old West Cinnamon Rolls (OWCR) in Pismo Beach picked up nine of these bad boys. Before Mayra and the kids woke, I drove to my brothers
house and surprised him with some of the goodness.

If you haven't been to OWCR you need to make the stop! Yelp Reviews

Forgot to take pictures until after we dug in. We usually get the Cream Cheese Cinnamon rolls with a side of Cream Cheese. This time I picked up a Crumb Topping one, which was fantastic as well.

See you next weekend.


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