Our weekend filled with 5 Cities Swim School - Garlands Hamburgers and Lickety Split

Our weekend filled with 5 Cities Swim School - Garlands Hamburgers and Lickety Split

This past weekend the kids were at 5 Cities Swim School in Arroyo Grande (Yelp Review) for a little squirts Olympics. Montana was to old, but still got to play when it was over.
The kids have had two lessons so far and absolutely love it! If you live in the local area, I highly recommend taking your kids there.

Big water slide at 5 Cities

Eddie prepping for the water. (Pic from lesson earlier in the week).

Montana getting ready for her first lesson. (Pic from lesson earlier in the week).

We all got to enjoy the pool during the Little Squirt Olympics.

We've driven by Garlands so many times, but never stopped. Montana wanted to visit so bad, that we decided to make our first visit after an afternoon of swimming.
Garlands is a small burger restaurant right on Grand ave in Grover Beach (Yelp Reviews).

Although you can't see it in the pictures, there were a steady stream of customers coming in during our visit.

The portions are large, and it's definitely one of the lower priced options in the area. The kids loved it.

The patio area was nice, but it was a bit cold outside so we decided to eat indoors.

After our lunch Mayra had a craving for cupcakes, so we made a visit to Lickety Split in Grover Beach (Yelp Reviews)

A group had come in right before and cleared out some of the trays. Within minutes they had brought more out.

Montana found herself browsing and shopping for an apron (which we didn't buy).

Flaky, Baklava 

We decided to try a variety.

Easily both of our favorites, the Strawberry won hands down. The kids, as picky as they are tore up the chocolate.

The Strawberry had strawberries inside.

The day was pretty fun, a great time swimming, eating and having great dessert.


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