A rainy day out playing in puddles and some Doughboys Pizza

A rainy day out playing in puddles and some Doughboys Pizza

Some days entertaining the kids doesn't cost much, it just requires some rain, and puddles. I was in no condition to bring a larger camera due to a back injury I had earlier in the week, so I opted for a GoPro to capture the images. To catch these, I mounted it on a monopod, which I hung upside down at my side and set the camera to shoot photos/video at the same time.

Eddie and Montana kicking some water at the GoPro.

They found a temporary waterfall off the side of a building to play in.

I think the greatest joy was that they both got to kick water on the camera. Normally, they don't get close to my gear, but with the GoPro you can go a little crazy.

After the weather cleared up we decided to take the kids to get some pizza. We had read some great things about Doughboy's pizzeria in Grover beach, so decided to give them a try (Yelp reviews).

I love the decor.

Us acting silly and getting ready to dig in.

Eddie still eats his pizza with a fork. Mayra caught him stuffing his face.

The pizza is fantastic, and the yelp reviews are spot on.

There is no way to show it in the pic, but the wings are huge.

Acting silly.

Eddie decided to wear his new TMNT hat and act cool with my glasses. Of course we all had to have a turn at looking cool. (I don't think we all succeeded).

Mayra does a pretty good job.

I just look plain ridiculous!

Mayra looks like she could hurt someone.

The day started out ugly, but we found a way to make it fun. We followed it up with a great dinner at Doughboy's and a movie night at home. It doesn't take a fortune to have fun with the family, just a little creativity and the willingness to do so.


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