Oceano Dunes SVRA our go to beach

Oceano Dunes SVRA our go to beach

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The Oceano Dunes SVRA is my favorite beach in the area and here is why.

1. The sand is awesome – Think powdered sugar.

2. You can drive your vehicle on the beach – Imagine your vehicle full of food, the kids, toys, etc. Now instead of having to park in a packed parking lot and having to cart all your worldly belongings in with you, you drive right on.

( *Be advised cars and trucks get stuck in the sand quick. I personally wouldn’t drive a car and if I did, it would only be on the hard pack near the water. IF YOU SPIN YOUR TIRES – STOP – and let some air out of your tires. If you don’t you WILL bury your car and then it’s time to pay for a tow which equals $$$)

3. You can have campfires – Usually going to the beach means cold sandwiches or spending a fortune on food. Instead, you bring whatever you want, heat it up on your own campfire (yes it’s allowed). (* There are rules about where you can start a fire, and you must bring your own wood. There are no pits)

4. The Dunes - If you brought your quads, or 4x4, you can go cruising around the dunes.

4. A piece of cake to leave – Once you’ve had your fill of the beach, simply throw the stuff in the back, put the kids in their car seats, and you’re on your way. Simple!

The Good:
 ( a little repeat what was written above). Even when it’s busy, and it gets busy, you have way more space here than at any other beach in the area. You can camp here, you can have fires, you can drive your vehicle, bring your own food and toys, chairs etc. The sand is hands down the best in the area and feels like powdered sugar.

If you’re into quads, sand rails or motorcycles, this is the place for you. If you have a camp trailer, you can drive it on the beach, set up camp and stay for a night or a week (overnight camping only allowed with reservation in approved campsite areas).

The Bad: Well, you better plan your restroom breaks before hand, because if you have to go the nearest restrooms are near the dunes entrances. That means if you drive way down the beach, we’ll you’re either gonna have to drive back or have a long walk.

*Farther down in the OHV area by the Pier ave entrance, they do have some restrooms near the dunes, but they are very spread out so prepare.

For the most part, you park on one side of the sand “road”, and you have to cross over it to get to the water. This is really not that big of a deal during mid week, when the beach is nearly empty, but on a busy weekend, there are cars constantly driving up and down, so with young kids you have to pay extra close attention.

On a weekends the place can get busy, and that brings out extra “Special” drivers, who don’t pay attention to the speed limit. Then there are people who forget about the “No Glass” Policy, or just plain infringe on your space.

The Kids Take: When we say we’re going to the beach (at least once a week), the kids know were going there. They love making sand castles, playing with their toys and get pretty excited when we tell them where were going. I’ve never heard them complain.

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