Pismo Beach Easter Egg Hunt 2015 and the rest of the day

Pismo Beach Easter Egg Hunt 2015 and the rest of the day

We took the kids to the 2015 "Eggstravaganza" at Dinosaur Park in Pismo Beach again this year. It is a pretty good time, the cost is free for all activities, and the kids have a blast.

(Eddie got a little angry when we told him he had to wait for the bounce houses)

After, as a ploy to get the kids to leave (They would never leave :), we took them to Gino's Pizza in Pismo (one of my local favorites - Yelp Reviews), for some pizza and arcade games.

If you like extra crispy crust, order by the slice. They reheat cooked pizza and you end up with extra crispy. Regardless, both are fantastic!

If you are into BBQ wings, they can add BBQ sauce to the regualar hot wings, just ask. It's a bit of sweet and spicy.

Some of the best Ranch around. Mayra's hands don't lie.

The kids love the old school arcade.

The next stop was California Fresh Market (Yelp Reviewsfor some pies for Easter Dinner. 

BTW - The pies were fantastic, we'd definitely buy them again

Afterward we stopped by to the Sweet Pea Bakery (Yelp Reviews), because they got great reviews on Yelp and we had always wanted to try them. Their selection was pretty limited, which I'm sure was due to the Easter weekend, but we picked up a few cupcakes from the selection they had left to try anyway.

(If you're into chocolate, these are SUPER rich.)

(Loved the Vanilla Vanilla. Would definitely like to go back during a non busy time to try out their other stuff.)

Then we stopped by the Arroyo Grande Bakery (Yelp Reviews) to get some Easter cookies for the kids, and ended up grabbing some treats for ourselves.

All in all it was a pretty great day; well except for the time Eddie got some PlayDoh stolen by a little girl and his heart was crushed and the tears flowed.


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