Kids first train trip - Grover Beach to San Luis Obispo

Kids first train trip - Grover Beach to San Luis Obispo

Montana's dream came true this past weekend. She has been infatuated with the train lately, so Mayra decided to get a few tickets to make that dream a reality.
Since it was the kids first trip, Mayra decided that it should be a quick one-way to see if they liked it. It would suck to book a longer trip and realized that the kids hated it.

Mayra let me go with the kids, while she drove ahead. She said because she got to take Montana to see Cinderella last week, it was my turn:) The plan was to get lunch after the trip, and then visit SLO Donut Company, which got rave reviews on Yelp.

We showed up at the Grover beach station about thirty minutes early, which was the recommended arrival time. The Grover Beach station is nice, with a covered area, benches, and even a wine tasting room in the same parking lot.


The station has an electronic KIOSK to print boarding passes, but I don't know if you can purchase tickets there, since Mayra had pre-purchased online.

We sat upstairs, which the kids thought was cool, and since the train was pretty empty, we got our pick of seats. The route goes north just past the Monarch Butterfly Grove, then cuts inland past the ballpark near the 101. From there it heads east past some oil rigs, which Montana thought stunk like eggs pretty bad. You then follow along through south San Luis Obispo in the wine county with vineyards visible on both sides, then onto the station in SLO.

(Highlight Video of our trip)

After the trip, we stopped in at Jack in the Box, for some bacon cheeseburgers. Next door was a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, so Mayra and I decided to give it a try. Taco De Mexico, makes a great burrito (Yelp Reviews). We loved the outside seating, because the kids could be kids. I'd definitely visit again.

After lunch, it was onto SLO Donuts (Yelp Reviews).

Loved this place, it's clean, friendly and they have a large selection of great tasting donuts, I can't complain. I got to try a bacon/maple donut for the first time, not my cup of tea, but Mayra loved it. I got another chocolate filled something which was fantastic, the kids got their usual chocolates (which they got to decorate at a donut decoration bar), and Mayra got a lemon filled. Well worth the visit and the reviews on Yelp did it justice, we'd definitely return.

The trip was a hit, and something we were still talking about the day after.

Time with the kids and wife is what it's all about. The next train trip will be to Santa Barbara to the zoo.


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