Last minute visit to Avila Valley Barn

Last minute visit to Avila Valley Barn


Sometimes the kids just need to get outside. While the local parks and beach usually fit the ticket, the Avila Valley barn is a go to resource for free family entertainment. By free, I mean there are no entry fees to see the animals and walk the grounds (Other attractions do cost money). You can feed the animals with some lettuce they sell for $1, which our kids love.  Montana and Eddie never get tired of this place, and get excited whenever we mention it. It also has vegetables and fruit for sale, a small restaurant, hay rides, pony rides, and all sorts of special events throughout the year.

The Good: It is a blast for smaller kids. They get up close to the animals and the animals have no problem devouring the endless supply of lettuce. My kids loved it.

The Bad: Nothing really bad to say. It isn't huge and depending on how much time you want to spend, you could make your visit quick or it could easily last an afternoon with lunch, hay ride, feeding the animals etc.

The Kids Take: Montana and Eddie love it.

Overall: Its a great visit especially for young children. You can get up close to the animals, which the kids love. The longest you could expect your visit to last is an afternoon unless they are having a special event. More than likely your visit will last 1-2 hours tops. They have great selection of fruit and vegetables they grow, and it has a great atmosphere that screams country. 


Avila Valley Barn

Address - 560 Avila Beach Drive
             San Luis Obispo CA 93405
Phone -   805.595.2816
Hours -   Open Daily 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. (visit website for current hours)
Website -
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