Santa Barbara Zoo day trip - A day to remember

Santa Barbara Zoo day trip - A day to remember

We finally got to use the season passes we bought our last visit to the Santa Barbara zoo. If you have never been to the zoo it is a gem. Situated right near the coast, the weather is always great, the crowds small even on busy weekends, it's clean, modern and there are a bunch of other non related zoo activities like a play area for kids to enjoy.

I can honestly say it's one of my favorite zoos and it's a short distance from the Five Cities area.

Elephants at the Santa Barbara Zoo getting ready for feeding time.

Feeding of the elephants at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Santa Barbara Zoo - Madagascar hissing cockroach

The Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches were one of Eddies favorite things to look at.

Santa Barbara Zoo - Giraffe Family

The whole giraffe family was out during our visit to the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Santa Barbara Zoo - Wooden walkway

One thing that sets the Santa Barbara Zoo apart from others is the cool elevated walkways found at the rear of the park.

Santa Barbara Zoo - Dinosaur Show Mayra and the kids watching

Mayra Montana and Eddie enjoying the Dinosaur show. 

Santa Barbara Zoo - Dinosaur Show Dino

The Dinosaur show at the Santa Barbara Zoo is one of the kids favorite things to see. The dinosaurs are so life like.

Santa Barbara Zoo - Train Station

The train Depot 

Santa Barbara Zoo - Train Ride

The train ride around the outside of the zoo

Santa Barbara Zoo - Gorilla Exhibit

The Gorilla exhibit has a couple interactive screens.

Santa Barbara Zoo - Koi pond

The Koi pond has numerous fish that you can feed for one dollar

Santa Barbara Zoo - Santa Photo Mayra and the kids.

Santa was at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Montana and Eddie got to talk to him and have their pictures taken. There was a fee for the printed photo, but how do you say no to something like this?

Santa Barbara Zoo - Mystery Pix Santa Pics Montana and Eddie

The Photos were taken in front of a green screen and within seconds were available with several different sizes and backdrops.
I can imagine this would be a great addition to any event. You can check out the company website here.

Hope you enjoyed our photos and your trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo.

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