Best Burgers Joints California Central Coast 2015

If there is one go to food on cheat weekends it is burgers. If you read any of the articles on this site, you will see that each of our outings has a food element. Whether it's a picnic in the park, or pizza we love our food. If you live on the Central Coast the choices for burgers are many, but with the cost of taking the family out you don't want to waste your money. Nothing hurts worse than dropping some money, and having an "It was ok" experience.

Luckily you don't have to waste your money, we have!

As a family we have visited many burger joints over the last year and can honestly say that one burger place wins our top award. When making our decision be based it on our simple criteria.

1. Was it good, fantastic, or did it plain suck?
2. Was it good enough to justify the cost?
3. Did we leave feeling satisfied or did we have buyers remorse.
4. What did the kids think? If their plates were empty, we knew they loved it.
5. Was the location clean?
6. How was the service?

Beach Burgers on Pier Avenue wins the top award hands down. Not only are their burgers fantastic, but they make some mean fish and chips. On top of having one of the best burgers on the entire coast, their prices are lower than you'd expect. Basically you won't need to get financing for your meal.

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Composite fantasy photos my new passion

I love photography and digital creation, so the combination of the two was an instant hit with me. I get most of my inspiration from Disney, mainly Disneyland to be more specific. While most people are enthralled with the rides, I'm in my own fantasy world wondering how I could re-create the landscapes all around me. From the large fake boulders and rocks, to the animatronics in Pirates of the Caribbean the whole place is a wonderland for creative types.

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Sunday lunch at Klondike Pizza - Arcade games and Disney Infinity

Mayra wasn't feeling well on Sunday, so I decided to take the kids out for some lunch. We hadn't been to Klondike Pizza in Arroyo Grande (Yelp Review) since we first moved here.
If you haven't been there, go! The kids love it, it has great pizza and the whole place screams fun. From the peanuts and shells you throw on the floor, to the music
playing and the full arcade, it is a pizza wonderland for kids.

Did I mention the pizza is fantastic?

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Montana joins the PUMA Aquatic Team

AG High School Pool. Early Saturday Morning

There are so many sports a parent can get their kids involved in. Swimming, for me is always one I have loved.

Since we live on the coast it was an obvious choice early on. Safety was our number one concern. A couple of years back we took both kids to a pool party, and quickly realized that our kids needed to learn how to swim. Sure I could have taught them, but we both thought professionals would have a much easier time than I would have. Another recommendation for swimming came from Montana’s speech therapist, so the decision was made.

We enrolled both Montana and Eddie at 5 cities swim in Arroyo Grande

Fast-forward a couple of years and Montana showed an interest in competing as the commercials for the Olympics started to peak her interest. We did some research and found a local swim team that she would be able to join (PUMA Aquatic Team).

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A rainy day out playing in puddles and some Doughboys Pizza

Some days entertaining the kids doesn't cost much, it just requires some rain, and puddles. I was in no condition to bring a larger camera due to a back injury I had earlier in the week, so I opted for a GoPro to capture the images. To catch these, I mounted it on a monopod, which I hung upside down at my side and set the camera to shoot photos/video at the same time.

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